About the club:

Indiranagar club is one of the premier social and recreational clubs in Bangalore. It is located in the heart of Indiranagar – one of the most affluent areas within Bangalore. The club boasts of several thousand members which includes people from all walks of life – IPS & IAS officers, doctors, engineers, executives of several top companies and entrepreneurs. Most of the members are residents of Indiranagar. It is a club which has a great social environment which places a lot of importance in sports. The club has world class facilities for tennis, badminton, squash, billiards and snooker, swimming, etc. The sports complex which was built a few years ago is a world class facility which houses a lot of the above mentioned sports.

The sport of badminton is a hugely popular one within the Indiranagar club. We have over 500 regular subscription paying members which emphasizes the popularity of the sport within the club. We have world class coaches who train the children of our members and the club has produced several leading Indian badminton players. Currently, we have Mr. Utsav Mishra who is coaching the children. Utsav was among the top 5 in the Indian badminton circuit during his playing days. Recently, he has several distinguished coaching achievements which include head coach of AIr India, Indian Junior Badminton coach (where he coaches the current world Number 1 Juniors player). Recently, he has been added to the panel of coaches for Indian Senior Badminton team.

Indiranagar club has also produced several players who have represented state and country over the past few years. Some of the more recent notable achievers include:

  • Miss Mahima Agrawal – one of the top national players. Recently won the mixed doubles championships in Ukranie and finished runners up in Malaysian Grand Prix
  • Mr  Rohan Casteleno – amongst the top 5 national level men’s players a few year back.
  • Miss Trisha Hegde – Junior State  champion.
  • Master Sharan – mini state team.
  • Miss Tanya, Poorvisha, Priya and Drithi – who have performed very well in junior level tournaments and are currently being coached at national academies for higher honorary.


About our Tournament:

We intend to conduct a club-wide Indiranagar Badminton League. As the name suggests, it is modeled around several similar tournaments that are being played across the various sports. We expect to have nearly 120 of our top players across various categories – men, laides, & children. The tournament will involve 4 teams of 29-30 players in each team competing across various categories. The players will be categorized at various skill levels based on their playing standards and the tournament intends to form doubles pairs of approximately same skill level. Each team will have an owner as well as a captain / mentor who will be responsible for strategy, team selection, team motivation, etc. Each team will play the other in a round robin format over 3 days. And on the final day, the top 2 teams will play off for the trophy.

We held an auction on Sep 3rd for team selection. Every team was given a purse (of virtual money) and were asked to bid for the players they wanted in their teams. The auction was a roaring success and at the end of it, we have 4 nicely balanced teams. During this occasion, the tournament was formally inaugurated in a grand manner. We also have several corporate sponsors who have come forward to support the tournament. The sponsorship money has helped us plan a really fantastic tournament.

We are conducting this event as a major sporting event. And we expect to have significant crowds on all 4 days (3 days of league and the grand finale). Since we are involving all the various playing categories, we expect that several families will come to watch and participate in the tournament. The tournament will be conducted in the most professional manner. We have a full-time commissioner as well as a governing council which is preparing the groundwork for the tournament. We also intend to seek external help for the smooth functioning of the tournament. We are in the process of making the plans for the grand finale to make it an event that is worth the occasion.

Tournament Rules

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